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3RDSEG Productions

Baby Momma

It's movie magic.

Indie Smash

Musical Collaboration Series


Live stream of official name change from TNCC to VPCC. Will be streaming from 4 on campus locations. One location will broadcast from outside.


Livesteam Broadcast of Biorhythms talk show

Intersections Docu-Series

Intersections" is a multi-season docu-series that explores the lives of the "Children of the Dust". These are their stories... unscripted, raw, and in their own words.

TNCC/VPCC: Rebranding Videos

Rebranding of college name from TNCC to VPCC. Script is attached.

Box Pops

Box Pops- Understanding Father's Rights & Available Resources. Live conference filming and editing.

Intersections Music Video

Music Video for Docu-Series

TNCC: Why I Chose Community College

Highlighting reasons why TNCC chose to go to community college.

Fredrick Douglass Speech

Nathan Richardson portrays Fredrick Douglass

TNCC/VPCC Presidential Messages (3)

Presidential messaging to students, falculty/staff and community at large.

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