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Darnell E. Evans

Cinematographer. Director. Video Editor. Storyteller. 
"A film is never any good unless the camera is the eye of a poet."  Orson Welles
Like how the wind blows to bring comfort from the heat, the camera moves to invoke emotion.  It is subtle, but it is there, and it is effective.  The camera aids in storytelling.  It is not just for capture,  it is used to enhance the experience.  The way it moves, the way it captures light, the way it frames, and how it captures color all adds to the element of immersion in the story of a film.  These elements and more go into the mise en scene of a picture, however, specifically focusing on the mentioned elements in relation to the camera operation; I call it "making the camera talk".
Hello, I am Darnell E. Evans (D.E.Evans).  I am a cinematographer, director, and video editor.  I also do work in 3D, motion graphics, and color grading.  I have been doing professional video for over 10 years, ranging from small training videos for ICW and CAI military training courseware with L-3 Communications, to corporate video for the Urban League, PSAs and commercials for organizations like the YWCA and Rick Hendrick's Chevrolet.  Broadcast television programming in Precinct 757 and BioRhythms, and narrative work including three films in the Every 15 Minutes program for the City of Virginia Beach.  Just to name a few.
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